About me

Business & Marketing Executive

I serve as the Vice President of Marketing and Corporate Communications and on the leadership team for a regional risk management organization. I've spent 20+ years in the marketing, business and communications space. From Texas to Washington, D.C. to Birmingham, Alabama, for economic think tanks, non-profit organizations and privately held businesses, I'm passionate about serving and leading both people and organizations. 

circle organizer. row disrupter

I serve over 1,000 women who are leading or participating in small groups. As the Women's Small Group Coordinator at my local church, we're moving people into circles instead of rows. Connecting relationships, not religion. 

women leading in business & ministry

For some of us, we have the unique desire to serve at high levels in business and ministry. To grow our companies and the church. Some of us are already there. And others of us need to get there. We're exploring this journey together through weekly meetings of a group we call Women Leading in Business & Ministry. Here we dive into leadership principles and have guest speakers who strengthen us as leaders and as ladies.

Family Girl

As much as I love business and ministry, I simply adore my family. I am married to the most amazing husband who exhibits the purest acts of service love language I've ever known. When we met, he was in full time ministry, and for most of our marriage post-children he has been a stay at home dad. He recently started his own security consulting firm and now we're a dual working family. My kids are active in school, sports and in serving their community. And I do my best to run a few Half Marathons per year, to, as my running bib holders say, "Burn the Crazy Off".